EXMAM is a US-owned and operated producer of wood flooring, decking, and sawn veneer, located in northern Brazil.  This mill is situated close to the port of Belem/Vila do Conde.  EXMAM is in its 40th year of operation with 20 years under the current American management.

Species offered include Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Sucupira and others.

EXMAM’s production capacity is 48 containers per month of flooring and decking, and an additional 6 containers of sawn veneer.  EXMAM’s customers include many well established importers, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the world.

EXMAM purchases sawn lumber from government licensed and approved timber harvest plans in the state of Pará, Brazil.  All lumber has a documented chain of custody from the forest to the exportation of the container.  Copies of these documents are supplied to customers for their own record keeping and compliance purposes.

EXMAM invests in reforestation project, though a wholly owned company, Restauração Florestal, Ltda. (“Restoration Forestry”).  The project has planted over 125,000 trees on 459 hectares, including Jatoba, Ipe, Mahogany, and Paricá.  EXMAM’ annual consumption of lumber is equivalent to about 2,500 trees, demonstrating the company’s commitment to total sustainability.



Year of


of Quality


Containers per Month Capacity


Flooring Products

Solid Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

    Thickness: 3/4 inch
    Widths: 2 ¼”, 3”, 4”, 5”
    Lengths: 1-7 foot and 1-13 foot

    Tongue and groove four sides
    Moisture Content 6-8%

Species currently offered:
    Brazilian Cherry

Grades offered:

   Flooring is packaged in pallets consisting of a number of mini-bundles.  Each mini-bundle consists of random length pieces assembled to seven foot lengths.

Square footage per mini-bundle:
    2 ¼” widths = 18.0 square feet
    3” widths = 22.0 square feet
    4” widths = 17.5 square feet
    5” widths = 17.5 square feet

Square footage per pallet:
    2 ¼” widths = 1092 square feet
    3” widths = 1183 square feet
    4” widths = 1167 square feet
    5” widths = 1213 square feet


Pallet dimensions = 3’ x 4’ x 7’

Sawn Veneer Products

Sawn Face Veneer for Engineered Flooring


Production Capabilities:
    Thickness range: 2.2 mm to 6.0 mm
    Width range:  95 mm to 205 mm
    Lengths: Up to 12 feet


    Moisture Content 6-8%

Grades offered:



EXMAM takes quality control very seriously.  We consider it fundamentally important for our business and our customer’s businesses to avoid product claims.  The most effective way to avoid claims is at the mill, taking special care in the drying, milling, and packaging.

EXMAM is known for beautiful milling and grading.  Here are the steps we use:


First Control Point

A full time quality control monitor continually measures the tolerances at the moulders, checking the measurements of the thickness and width.

Also at the out-feed of the molder, a grader continually checks and marks for defects to be removed by the cross cut saws.


Second Control Point

In flooring production, at the out feed of the end-matcher, a second quality control monitor checks “square-ness”, and periodically “racks out” panels of flooring to verify that there is no over wood or other milling issues.

From the end-matcher the flooring strips pass to the grading table.  At the grading table, four graders inspect for chipped corners or edges, warping, color variation, and other defects that may have been missed earlier in the process.


Third Control Point

Each pallet has one sub-bundle removed and examined before final packaging.  A full quality inspection is undertaken by the head of Quality Contol, and the QC report is archived for each pallet.



EXMAM requires that its suppliers of rough sawn lumber provide official documents proving that the material comes from government approved sustainable forest management projects.  These documents called Guias Florestais (“GF’s”) are now electronic documents, issued by the Brazilian Government via the internet to producers and buyers of forest products.

These documents are technically authorizations to transport forest products.  The GF’s are issued by the Secretary of the Environment of the State of Para (SEMAS).  SEMAS took over authority for forest management in the state of Pará from the Federal Government agency, IBAMA, on December 15, 2006.

SEMAS issues GF’s to companies that can prove that their product comes from an approved forest management project.  To supply this proof, a sawmill must have either its own forest management project, or can prove that the logs were purchased from such a forest management project.  In the latter case, proof consists of a GF covering the purchase and transport of logs from an approved forest management project to the sawmill.

EXMAM has GF’s covering 100% of its log and rough lumber purchases.  This means that all of the sawmills supplying EXMAM have purchased logs from approved forest management plans, or have their own approved forest management plans.



To be the market leader in product quality, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

To be an example of sustainable development in the forest products industry in the Amazon region, in order to bring benefits to the region’s people, environment, and public institutions.

To generate financial return on investment through improving the productivity of labor and raw material yields.  Improvements in labor productivity are sought through guaranteeing excellent working conditions and continuous professional development.  Improvements in yields are sought through continuous development and refinement of the production process.  By meeting these objectives, the company aims to fulfill its vision of supplying a high quality product while leading in social and environmental responsibility.



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